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Ibiza lures you with its landscape, climate, people, and also because if offers the best gastronomy beside the beach, in historical places, in the middle of the countryside, or beneath the starry sky.

Have the luxury of eating natural products in their perfect point of ripeness and remember your childhood flavors. Enjoy the peace and freedom atmosphere on the island, just as you are being served a dish of shellfish and rice by the sea, or just tasting the freshest of fish as exquisite as grouper, tuna, San Pedro 

Ibiza is a trip of sensations.

The excellent quality of its prime material mixes with the tradition of recipes that come to us with the same uniqueness: the “sofrit pages”, slaughter rice, the “guisat de peix”, the “greixonera”, and the “flaó” are some of the classical recipes.

This traditional cuisine passes on the culture and way of life where gathering amongst friends and family, the respect for the legacy of their antecessor, the preservation of the natural environment and land products, and something as intangible as joy and being happy are essential.

Get carried away by its local wine, its virgin olive oil, and its peasant bread, delicacies that can be found on every table. They accompany the magical moment in which eating is the equivalent of taking care of yourself, learning new things, sharing, and smiling.

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